Monitoring, Evaluation, Research and Learning

PCI recognizes the importance of how we capture, manage and utilize our data, evidence & knowledge to continuously improve program quality, demonstrate impact, and apply learning.


PCI facilitates transformative community-driven solutions that build resilient, vibrant and healthy communities and neighborhoods. At PCI, we recognize the power and importance of measuring and learning from the results and effectiveness of our programming. This focus on measurement and learning is consistent with our values of transparency and our commitment to working with our partners and communities to create long lasting meaningful change together.

Using data and evidence in our programs helps us to understand what is working and what we need to improve our program implementation and quality. Understanding what is working and what is not–which often requires asking hard questions and rethinking our response–is also part of our commitment to transparency and accountability to our stakeholders, including our community members as well as our donors. Our program results data also helps us apply insights from one project to another and to influence the state of the art through our thought leadership.

Our Approach

PCI’s commitment to operational and programmatic excellence demands continuous improvement in our ability to document, analyze and apply learning at the project, sector and organizational levels, and to share our reflections with stakeholders, practitioners and policymakers. At PCI, we invest in an organization-wide approach to monitoring, evaluation, research and learning (MERL) in our programming to improve our ability to:

  • Collect relevant, actionable data to support adaptive management/data-driven decision making and to measure the impact of our programs
  • Appropriately leverage technology to improve the efficiency, quality, and accessibility of data collected
  • Ensure monitoring and evaluation findings are effectively utilized and applied to design and improve programs
  • Promote/support the design, implementation and utilization rigorous and ethical research that improves program delivery and expands evidence
  • Share our learning with our staff, our program participants, local stakeholders, and the broader development community and policymakers

Notable Highlights

MERL Technology

Adopting best practices and approaches from across the non-profit and tech sectors, PCI is building systems and processes to enable the effective implementation and use of MERL technologies, through use of mobile data collection, adoption of and alignment with of international standards and best practices for use of technology, and a focus on using technology to facilitate access and use of data through user-friendly dashboards to better visualize data.

Data-Driven Decision Making and Learning

By adapting approaches of Quality Improvement and Adaptive Management, PCI aims to produce quality data, promote understanding, and improve subsequent decision-making across all its programming. PCI goes beyond traditional monitoring and evaluation activities by applying appropriate management and technologies for accessible and timely data and identify and set quality benchmarks to maximize outcomes and impacts. Recently, PCI has collected various types of data on the impact of COVID in our project communities to inform ongoing adaptation and response in our programming.

Rigorous and Ethical Research

In all research activities, PCI applies rigorous methods of investigation and utilize evidence to expand technical knowledge, solve implementation challenges, improve effectiveness, and advance the state of the art. PCI has a range of robust partnerships with academic and NGO partners to advance research goals. PCI also maintains its own Institutional Review Board (IRB) to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects involved in research activities conducted throughout the organization. A list of recent reports and manuscripts from PCI’s research can be found in our Resource Library.

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