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PCI helps people to help themselves, so they can thrive, achieve their hopes and dreams, and create a healthier future for their children.

What We Do

In the past 25 years, more than 1 billion people have been lifted out of extreme poverty; child mortality has been cut in half; tens of millions more girls are in school; millions more people have access to clean water; and the average life expectancy around the world is 10 years longer. PCI is one of the organizations driving those impressive results.

We design all of our programs in partnership with the people we serve. This ensures that the solutions are lasting and that communities can assume ownership in the long run. We also rigorously measure our results to make certain our resources are being used effectively and for maximum impact.

Whether it’s introducing better ways for farmers to grow crops, empowering women to start a business, increasing the resilience of vulnerable communities, or saving a newborn’s life by providing access to medical care and life-saving information, PCI helps people to help themselves, so they can thrive, achieve their hopes and dreams, and create a healthier future for their children.

Enhancing Health

PCI is on the frontlines working to improve health, nutrition, and well-being among urban and rural communities by strengthening community health systems to improve access to health services and respond to health threats.

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A New Mom Finds Hope and Healing

Chunchun, a young woman from an isolated village in Bihar, India, lost two newborns and another child to a devastating miscarriage. To help her cope with her grief, neighbors invited her to meet with a group of women in her community for support and advice about healthy living. The group is part of PCI’s Women Empowered (WE) initiative called Parivartan, which means “transformation” in Hindi. When Chunchun became pregnant again, her WE group gave her the confidence to attend prenatal checkups and address a health scare during her third trimester. Two months later, they also accompanied her to the primary health clinic, where Chunchun gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

Ending Hunger

PCI addresses the root causes of hunger by empowering communities with the tools they need to improve agriculture yields and fight malnutrition in some of the most rural areas in the world. Every day, PCI provides more than 220,000 school meals to kids.

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A Community Rallies Around Carlitos

When PCI staff first met Carlitos, he was severely malnourished and visibly wasting away. His family, like many others in Guatemala’s Western Highlands, was living in extreme poverty. PCI enrolled them in ACCION, an emergency food security program, and helped the 3-year-old access treatment at a local hospital. “If you weren’t here, my son might not have made it,” Carlitos’s mother, Angelina, said. “Thank you for helping.”

Overcoming Hardship

PCI responds to emergency situations such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and food crises around the world to help alleviate suffering and provide support for people to rebuild their lives and create more resilient communities.

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Finding Greener Pastures in Africa

Throughout East Africa, millions of pastoralists are losing their herds at staggering rates, as traditional grazing areas have experienced drought and erratic weather patterns. In response, PCI created satellite-powered vegetation maps to help pastoralists make more accurate and cost-effective migration decisions. “Previously, I used to lose at least 3-4 cattle yearly, but this year and last year I had no loss at all because of [these maps],” said Bakkar Issa, a pastoralist in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. As of 2017, more than 82,700 households are using AfriScout maps for migration decisions.

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