PCI And You

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PCI & You!

Spearheaded by high school students, the Global Youth Council is now offering the opportunity for you to get involved with San Diego’s preeminent health and development organization. We believe that youth are the future leaders of our world and must be prepared with the necessary tools to make an impact on their society.

Take the Pledge and create your own personal mission statement as you actively participate in the Global Youth Council, gain invaluable real world skills, and become empowered to make a difference in your own society.

Our mission is to act as PCI’s global youth voice. The council will spread PCI’s message and actively recruit high school students to get involved. The youth council will take the initiative to support the various youth projects that have been developed by PCI along with creating its own projects.

Who? We are looking for passionate teens (minimum of high school sophomore standing) that can contribute a
variety of talents and are willing to take the Pledge to actively contribute to the Council.

What? The Global Youth Council’s main objectives:

  • Brainstorm fundraising and marketing ideas for PCI throughout the year
  • Take part in PCI’s projects as well as creating its own projects
  • Develop youth leadership skills
  • Stimulate the conversation about PCI’s work among the youth in San Diego

When? Meetings will be held periodically both locally and through social media.

Shivali Joshi (President of PCI & You) at sjoshipciglobal@gmail.com
Uli Imhoff Heine ( Sr. Director of Development) at UHeine@pciglobal.org