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Act Now to Preserve American Global Leadership


Now is the time to take a stand.

What happens in one part of the world directly impacts us here at home. That’s why deep cuts to foreign aid only weaken America’s leadership and security on the global stage.

PCI proudly partners with the U.S. government to enhance health, end hunger and overcome hardship in communities around the world – from San Diego, California, and Tijuana, Mexico, to Bihar, India, and Lusaka, Zambia.

It’s a collaboration that has helped cut extreme poverty in half over the past two decades, while also:

• Stopping the spread of HIV/AIDS and Ebola;
• Boosting school attendance and literacy rates;
• Preventing maternal and child deaths;
• Providing access to clean water; and
• Feeding more than 200,000 school children every day.

Now that critical progress and our safety, economy and values as a nation are at stake.

Foreign aid is less than one percent of the federal budget, but the return on investment is millions of lives saved and a safer, more prosperous world. We can’t afford to let that change.

Add your voice to the growing chorus of people who recognize the value of protecting America’s humanitarian programs from severe cuts. We need your support today.

Call or email your Senators and Member of Congress through the #AmericaLeads campaign, of which PCI is a part. It’s easy, only takes two minutes and will make such a difference.



US foreign aid spending (Source: Good and Column Five)
Source: Good and Column Five
US Foreign Assistance (Source: World Vision)
Source: World Vision
Don't axe US aid (Source:


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