Toolkits and Manuals

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Open Data Policy Compliance Guide
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Developed by Project Concern International (PCI) using a micro grant from the Technical and Operational Performance Support (TOPS) Program, this guide provides data management best practices, policy compliance information, a library of useful tools, and step-by step procedures for submitting data to USAID’s Development Data Library (DDL).


Local Wisdom: Indigenous Practices for Mitigating Disaster Loss

Many people in Bangladesh are vulnerable to the effects of disasters and climate change. Almost every year they face natural hazards of different kind. In order to strengthen the capacity of households and communities to manage the effects of disaster and climate change, PROSHAR contracted a study to collect local wisdom in the three project areas: Sarankhola, Batiaghata and Lohagara upazilas.


Health and Development Programming Integration Toolkit

PCI, under the auspices of CORE’s HIV/AIDS Working Group, has developed a Health and Development Programming Integration Toolkit designed to pull together in one, user-friendly place, as many resources, tools, ideas and recommendations on integration as possible.

I-STAR User Guide

 I-STAR User Guide

I-STAR (Integrated Systems for Transformational Assessment and Results) is a comprehensive approach to building capacity of local partners (Civil Society Organizations, Networks, and government programs). The methods presented in this manual serve as a springboard to change by helping an organization recognize patterns that hinder or enhance its performance.

Sustainble Impact Guide

A Resource for Enhancing Potential for Sustainable Impact
[English / Spanish]

This Resource Guide for Enhancing Potential for Sustainable Impact was developed to help development practitioners enhance the sustainability of their programs’ impact through practical guidance and tools that could be applied to existing program design and management processes.

Resource Guide

Resource Guide for Building Effective Collaboration and Integrated Programming
[English / Spanish]

PCI and TOPS have developed a brand new TOPS-funded tool designed for program designers and implementers: “Resource Guide for Building Effective Collaboration and Integrated Programming”. This hot-off-the-press Resource Guide was developed using an innovative, participatory process of extracting practical guidance, lessons learned and promising practices from the work PCI has been doing as facilitator of the USAID/USDA Coordination Committee in Huehuetenango, Guatemala, as well as promising/best practices and experience in effective coordination from many other FNS implementing organizations around the world.

Say and Play Toolkit

Say and Play: A Tool for Young Children and Those who Care for Them

Say and Play is an interactive tool designed for orphans and vulnerable children from three to six years old and those who care for them. This includes parents, caregivers, early child development teachers, home-based care teams and all those who take an interest in the welfare of young children. Though Say and Play involves children from three to six years old, it also addresses the needs of newborn to three year olds by providing guidelines for parents and caregivers. It uses pictures, stories and games to help children talk about their lives and, through these activities, it guides adults to identify and support the emotional and social needs of children.


Guía de recursos para mejorar el potencial de lograr un impacto sostenible