by Natalie Lovenburg, PCI Staff

There’s no denying it, photography is a major part of our daily lives.

We have the ability to snap photos in seconds using our mobile phones and share with our friends on social media within minutes. Whether it’s images captured by professional or amateur photographers, the art of photography has changed the way we see the world.

Here at PCI, we use photos from our 16 country offices to foster understanding of different cultures, connect diverse communities and also inspire global citizens to engage in the world around them. We use photos to visually tell the story of our successes: happy, healthy and thriving families and communities.

Today, we’re featuring beautiful images taken by our PCI staff. Take note of the vibrant colors, brilliant lighting and bright, smiling faces. These photos represent the inspirational people we work with on projects all over the globe.


Photo by Gesler Castillo



Photo by Blanca Lomeli



Photo by Gesler Castillo



Photo by Janine Schooley