One of our newest programs is less than a year old but we have been excited about it for a long time.  PCI/Bangladesh is a brand new project in an area that is dependent on agriculture, but is prone to cyclones and floods.  Nearly half of its population of 135 million still lives below the poverty line. Over 40 percent of children under five suffer from stunting, and rates of acute malnutrition have recently shown a disturbing increase after decades of decline.

“To work in development, you have to be optimistic.  You have to see what is possible in the face of what seems impossible.”

– Dr. Shohel Rana, PCI/Bangladesh

Through PCI’s partnership with PROSHAR (Program for Strengthening Household Access to Resources), there are great goals in the making. The amazing thing about reading PCI’s 50 Faces stories each week is seeing that goals ARE achievable.

In Bangladesh, there is a great opportunity for small-scale dairy farming to be an employment vehicle that helps families achieve self-sufficiency. This is critical in areas where there are few income-generating activities.

Jute is the largest cash crop in Bangladesh – over 4 million farmers are involved. In the Lohagara Upazila jute is one of the major value chains. PCI/Bangladesh is already working to increase the activities in this agricultural resource – as well as shrimp and prawn pools.

Within the first 5 years, PCI & PROSHAR interventions aim to help increase the incomes of many poor households, improve health & nutrition of women & children – especially combating the effects of malnutrition – and help strengthen communities’ resiliency to emergency shocks and their long term impact