PCI Strategic Plan
We know from more than 50 years of experience that poor health and poverty are inseparably linked, that sustainable solutions are possible only through individual and community ownership. This holds true from the days of our founding, and provides the foundation of our future.

Who We Are
PCI is an integrated health and development organization, working where the need is the greatest—in the poorest communities and least developed nations in the world.

What We Will Achieve
Between 2013 and 2016, PCI will reach and help transform the lives of 10 million people. PCI will unleash the power of families and communities to transform their own lives now and for the future.

What We’ll Be Known For
PCI will become a leader in building community capacity, resiliency and self-sufficiency as the preferred partner of private donors, NGO’s, communities, businesses and governments.

Strategic Directions

  1. Ensure Sustainable Impact in all our programs.
  2. Become a global leader in Strengthening Local Capacity.
  3. Ensure a Gender Perspective is incorporated into all our programs and operations.
  4. Embed Innovation throughout the organization.
  5. Leverage Our Knowledge to strengthen efficiency, learning, visibility, and impact.
  6. Diversify and significantly increase Game Changing Resources for the organization.
  7. Achieve Organizational Excellence in programs, systems, and operations across the organization.