PCI Receives Award from USAID to Expand Partnership with Google to Reduce Hunger in East Africa

Satellite Assisted Pastoral Resource Management (SAPARM) helps pastoralists find greener pastures to keep their livestock alive in Ethiopia and Tanzania SAN DIEGO —The U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) has awarded Project Concern International (PCI) $1.3 Million to expand and scale an innovative program providing traditional pastoralists with maps derived from [...]

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Achieving Literacy with Empowered Women

Imagine sitting down with a book in your hands. Open the cover and you’re welcomed with captivating images on each page that usher you into an exciting new world. You enthusiastically turn each page until you quickly reach the end of the book. But your journey stops there. The letters and numbers mean nothing to [...]

A Place to Learn: Classrooms in Tanzania

A chalkboard, rows of desks, pencils, paper, crayons, books – walk into any classroom in the United States and you’re likely to find these basic supplies. But these back-to-school items can’t be found in every classroom around the world. We’ve worked in many schools in several countries over the last 50+ years, and have seen [...]

Unity Is Strength for Empowered Women

“Umoja ni Nguvu” is a Swahili phrase often said in Tanzania, it translates in English as “Unity is Strength.” This mentality of interdependence is pervasive in all facets of Tanzanian culture. A visitor to this diverse country will, in just a few days’ time, recognize the incredible sense of community and oneness that Tanzanians possess. [...]

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