Learn how positive change to end poverty is possible.
The PCI Formula: We go where the need is the greatest.
We will always choose to work in the poorest communities wherever we endeavor to seek change. In most cases, they are in the poorest regions of the least developed countries in the world. Often times we will go where others deem it too difficult to work. We do this because we believe in the moral imperative to help the least of us. We also believe that change is possible anywhere.
We work for transformational change.We work for transformational change.

Our global challenges are too great to settle for mediocre improvements. With a culture of innovation, some of the best technical practitioners in our field and a fundamental respect and belief in the capacity and know-how of poor people to discover their own solutions, we will work hard to create the conditions that unleash people’s potential to transform their lives.
We leave behind a positive community impact that is lasting.

Our change must live beyond our presence. It must be sustainable. This means local capacity building has to be a central component of any program we implement. We build the capacity of governments, local organizations, families and individuals to independently continue and build on the successes we have achieved together.
The PCI Formula to End Poverty
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