Empowering women is the key to lasting change.

WE group savings to dateReal and lasting impact is possible in the poorest corners of the globe when communities own the solutions to the challenges they face.

That’s why PCI works hand-in-hand with local communities to break the cycle of poverty by designing programs that achieve better health, nutrition, education, and opportunity.

Empowering women is key to driving change like this, and PCI’s Women Empowered (WE) Initiative is a major component of many of our programs. WE is more than just a successful village savings and loan program and business incubator, as these small groups of 15-25 women receive tools and resources needed to raise healthy children, provide nutritious meals, stay healthy themselves, and build stronger communities.

When self-esteem and a strong voice are combined with improved livelihoods, transformative change at the household and community levels becomes possible. More than 250,000 women are involved in nearly 31,000 WE groups around the world today. In September of 2014, PCI made a commitment at the Clinton Global Initiative to double the number of women involved in WE groups by 2017 thanks to a significant leadership investment from the Lucille and Ronald Neeley Foundation.

Now state-of-the-art measurement methods will be added to PCI’s Lives Changed Indices (LCI) tool to track not only the income and health of women and their communities, but also their civic participation, access to quality healthcare, and other measures of social change.

And, working with market experts, the concept of Wealth Generation Pathways will be used to identify and optimize entrepreneurial opportunities for WE participants.

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