PCI was founded in the U.S./Mexico border region in 1961, by a young doctor from San Diego who saved the lives of two small children that were dying of pneumonia in a small Tijuana clinic. This experience led Dr. James Turpin to found PCI and forever change the lives of millions of children and families around the world by providing health, opportunity, and support to those most in need.


W.E. (Women Empowered)

is a global initiative to increase the social and economic empowerment of women. Our savings group methodology organizes 10 – 15 women into savings groups and teaches them how to marshal their own social and financial capital – without external inputs or long term support.

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California Border Healthy Start

is a program started by PCI (Project Concern International) and its San Diego based partners to work together to improve the health of pregnant women and their children under two years of age.


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Chronic Disease Prevention

The ALCANCE Project has a long-term goal of improving the lives of Latina women while reducing their risk factors for diabetes, stroke, heart attacks and cancer.


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Human Trafficking

PCI’s human trafficking program’s primary goal is to help spread awareness on the development of this issue in the United States, locally (in the San Diego region) and it’s International connections and implications.

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Ventanilla De Saluda

PCI’s legacy VDS program is a unique and innovative collaboration between PCI and the Mexican Consulate of San Diego, providing health education and referrals to the thousands of visitors who pass through the consulate’s doors each year.

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