Border States CoIIN


A Collaborative Improvement & Innovation Network to Reduce Infant Mortality

The CoIIN is a three-year project funded by a grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and implemented by Project Concern International (PCI) in Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas. The CoIIN builds upon the foundational work of the Healthy Start Border Alliance to forge border- wide collective impact goals and a network of HRSA-funded Healthy Start programs in the Border States organized around common benchmarks and strategies.

The Border States CoIIN will facilitate collaborative learning, innovation development and quality improvement efforts in key target areas identified by state teams, and provide funding for 18-month demonstration projects to pilot successful innovation prototypes.


Why Early Prenatal Care?

  • Early prenatal care is associated with improved birth weight and decreased risk of preterm delivery, both of which are important contributors to infant mortality.
  • Accessing early prenatal care increases the opportunity for mothers and families to access other supports (health, social, legal, environmental, etc.) that can impact the health of both mother and baby across the life course.
  • Access to early and adequate prenatal care is widely used as an indirect measure of access to health care in general.
  • Increasing the proportion of pregnant women who receive early prenatal care is a National Healthy People 2020 goal.


Our Team

CoIIN Team Image

At the core of each State CoIIN is a Border Healthy Start Lead and a State Title V delegate. Together, all members of each State-level CoIIN, along with our panel of experts and technical advisors, make up the Interstate CoIIN.

Arizona CoIIN

Target County: Santa Cruz County

First Trimester PNC Baseline: 45.3%

Prototype: PaoloaChatbot

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California CoIIN

Target Area: U.S. – Mexico Border Region

First Trimester PNC Baseline: N/A

Prototype: Prenatal Transfer Form

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New Mexico CoIIN

Target County: Doña Ana County

First Trimester PNC Baseline: 57.8%

Prototype: Early Care, Strong Beginning

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Texas CoIIN

Target County: Val Verde County

First Trimester PNC Baseline: 43%

Prototype: Pregnancy Passport

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