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Community Action Network (CAN)

Who We Are:

An alliance of community members and 20+ agencies working to ensure healthy pregnancies, safe deliveries, and nurturing parenting for all families in San Diego County.

The Healthy Start CAN provides a platform for community action to address social determinants of health and achieve collective impact, as well as to support coordination, integration, and mutually reinforcing activities among health, social services, and other providers and key leaders in the community.

The vision of the CAN is to ensure that every family and child has the chance for a Healthy Start in life.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to make San Diego a place where every baby has the best chance at a healthy start and every parent has the support they need to give their children that chance. Our work is guided by the philosophy of collective impact.

Our Goal:

  1. Increase the first trimester prenatal care for all pregnant women.
  2. Reduce non-medically indicated interventions in labor & delivery.
  3. Ensure all parents and caregivers are given the support they need to form strong attachments and parent/child relationships beginning in pregnancy.
  4. Improve access to accurate, timely, trusted information about available health care options for pregnant and parenting families.
  5. Strengthen the network of available community-based support for vulnerable families in need.
  6. Reduce confusion and mis-trust of the healthcare system.

Our Background:

Since 2007, PCI’s CBHS MCH Consortium has provided a key resource for the MCH community, augmenting collaboration, coordination, dissemination of information through monthly Educational Quality Circles (EQC) and community events. In 2014, CBHS began the process of transitioning the Consortium to utilize a Collective Impact approach, and re-placed the Consortium with the Healthy Start Community Action Network (CAN).

Partner With Us:

The CAN is recruiting new members! We currently meet quarterly and partner closely with other initiatives in the community that address family and child health.

  • Tell us about your concerns related to pregnancy, birth or parenting.
  • Come to our quarterly meetings or monthly educational sessions.
  • Contact us to receive updates, meeting invites, or share a concern.

Please contact Katherine Selchau, Director, Local Capacity Strengthening & Collective Impact, at kselchau [@]

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