Healthy Education Action for Living (HEAL)

Health Education Action for Living (HEAL) is a well-being and empowerment program that addresses some of the most common challenges women face today. Through small group discussions HEAL provides education and awareness on mental health issues and help women identify areas of their lives they wish to change or improve.

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Selected Needs / Statistics

Through the use of the PHQ-9 pre and post session screening tests, there was an average reduction rate of depression by 55% of pregnant women and 40% among non-pregnant women.

Furthermore, there was an average 55% improvement in women’s post-test evaluation of the reduction of stigma, and increase in self-efficacy, empowerment, self-care, and general well-being through implementation through CBHS in 2007.

Description of the key program activities

HEAL takes advantage of the benefits of group work to create a safe environment conducive to growth and exploration of personal issues of stress, depression, and life factors that affect our mental health.

Finally, it provides women with information, skills, and the support necessary to deal appropriately with these issues. Sessions help reduce stigma and promote communication, self-efficacy, empowerment, self-care, and general well-being.

Each workshop is composed of a series of six 2-hour sessions with 6-10 women participants.

Benchmarks & Performance Measures

Approach 3 – Strengthen Family Resilience; Trauma informed care

Implementation Frequency & Duration

Six two hour sessions with 6-12 participants each

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HEAL Program Success Story

Emmy Reyes-Vidal

HEAL testimonial

Women are empowered more when other women CARE.
The knowledge gained in the HEAL workshop is a wisdom that I will forever share with others.

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