Human Trafficking Prevention

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Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention

PCI implements Girls Only!, a prevention education, group mentoring program designed to promote self-esteem, develop life skills, and inspire positive motivation in at-risk youth aged 8-15 years. In addition, PCI coordinates the CEASE San Diego Network, an action-oriented network that is dedicated to innovating, testing and sharing strategies that deter people from buying sex.

women talking

Program Objectives

  • To introduce basic Human Trafficking concepts
  • To increase awareness of what is being done to combat this issue domestically and internationally
  • To educate individuals and/or groups on how to recognize signs of possible Human Trafficking
  • To introduce best practices in Human Trafficking identification and response
  • To educate individuals on the steps we can all take to be part of a solution

Benchmarks & Performance Measures

  • Approach 1 – Improve Women’s Health
  • Approach 3 – Strengthen Family Resilience

Implementation Frequency & Duration 

  • Six two hour sessions offered on a three month cycle
human trafficking prevention

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