Meet the Staff

Chardá Fontenot, Perinatal Navigator

Chardá is a Certified Lactation Educator and counselor (CLEC), doula, and Certified Childbirth Educator (CCE), and Board of Education Trustee for the La Mesa Spring Valley School District. Chardá participates on the advisory board for the Black Infant Health program, San Diego Breastfeeding Foundation Board and the San Diego County Breasfeeding Coalition. Chardá is a passionate advocate for breastfeeding families and strives to help reduce and eliminate the inequities and disparities in breastfeeding support.

Daniella Lesch, Lead Perinatal Navigator

Daniella has a degree from San Diego State University and started her career as a Bilingual Elementary School Teacher. After experiencing the transition to motherhood, she decided to further her education by getting certification as a Childbirth Educator and Lactation Counselor. She worked as a Maternity Consultant for 2 years, in both US and Mexico. In addition to her work with the Healthy Start program, Daniella also teaches childbirth education at a local hospital in San Diego. Daniella is a mother & educator, dedicated to inform and support women and their families during their perinatal stage.

Jamat Suryan, Perinatal Navigator

Jamat Suryan has a Master degree in Education, and finished two years of child development studies. She has worked with minority communities for many years and was the head of Somali Community of San Diego, a nonprofit organization. She has served as the Parent Educator of Iftin Charter School, especially educating refugee parents about accessing services for children with special needs, nutrition, finding resources, and teaching them how to advocate for their children. She is currently working to complete certifications as a Childbirth Educator and Lactation Educator Counselor (CLEC).

Lisa Bain

Lisa Bain, MPH, is the Deputy Director of US & Border Programs and Director of the Healthy Start program. Lisa has worked since 2011 to align PCI’s programs with national quality standards and best practice, build meaningful community partnerships, and support the Healthy Start team in bringing high quality perinatal care to local families.

Mikayla Charles
Mikayla Charles, Perinatal Navigator

Mikayla Charles is a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor (CLEC) with a strong background in perinatal health; she will complete her Childbirth Educator certification (CBE) in 2020. Prior to becoming a Perinatal Navigator for the Healthy Start Program, Mikayla was a Doula and Birth Assistant for Birth Roots Women’s Health and Maternity Center. Growing up with a mother as a Midwife, she was introduced to perinatal health early, as well as the disparities that BIPOC face within it. Now it is her passion and mission to advance her knowledge and advocate for her community to strengthen and improve health outcomes for all families.

Nahomie Labady, Perinatal Navigator

Nahomie Labady is a certified nursing assistant (CNA) from Haiti, with a passion for helping her community, which are among the newest immigrant groups to San Diego. She is a trained and active doula, providing essential services to women who cannot communicate during the very vulnerable period of labor and delivery. She has completed her Childbirth Educator training and will pursue CCE and CLEC certification in 2020.

Mwen se Nahomie Labady, mwen soti ayiti, mwen se yon certifye nan assistan nursing, mwen se yon doula e se yon fyete pou mwen pou ap travay ak PCI kom Navigate pou fanm ansent nan kominote ayisien an pou nou kapab ede w fe yon groses ki an sante epi ti moun wap pote a kapab an sante.

Mesi! Nahomie

Nyisha Green-Washington, Perinatal Navigator & CAN Coordinator

Nyisha Green-Washington (she/her/hers) is originally from Highland Mills, New York and is an active member in the San Diego community advocating for Social Justice and Human Rights. Her journey began getting her degree in Public Health with a focus on reducing barriers in access to healthcare. She became passionate in advocating for Mental Health awareness/access upon her arrival to San Diego. In addition to mental health advocacy, she has always been passionate in reproductive justice and decided to go into birth work advocacy by becoming a Doula. Some of her other work in the community include being the Founder of March for Black Womxn San Diego, and Co-Chair of Food Justice Momentum Team of Mid-City CAN.

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