Que Padre! | What a Dad!

Que Padre! / What A Dad! Is PCIs newly established fatherhood program. PCI’s has developed male support groups to assist them to better support their wives and families in responding to health issues, to encourage being a supportive father and improve male parenting roles, and also to give them the knowledge to manage their own health and seek services when necessary.

Selected Needs Statements / Statistics

The need for male involvement came out of focus group discussions with women program participants under CBHS, and is in alignment with the Healthy Start emerging best practices.

In addition, PCI CBHS did an assessment in 2013 of barriers to our men’s participation. Overall, results indicated a fair amount of fatherhood involvement, quite good knowledge about basic child safety topics, and positive attitudes about parenting and their relationship with their partner.

Areas for improvement include helping fathers increase their education level and job training, and increasing the time fathers spend reading books with their children and helping them with their homework.

Lack of time and lack of awareness about services were listed as the top reasons fathers did not participate in past father workshops offered by CBHS, indicating that creative ways to reach fathers (i.e. perhaps by newsletters, home visits, phone sessions, or father-specific programming) are needed, in addition to ensuring direct access to fathers, rather than the current method of relying on the mothers to share information with the fathers.

Based on feedback from the Patient Navigators that implemented the survey and performed the home visits, challenges to this include father work schedules (i.e. they are usually gone when Patient Navigators visit), and “gate-keeping” behavior of mothers that are not sure they want their partners to be directly involved with the program.

dad feeding baby

Description of key activities and programs

Based on the 2013 father needs assessment survey, extensive revision of related literature and other programs and PCI’s own experience, CBHS+ has initiated male support groups to assist them to better support their wives and families in responding to health issues, to encourage being a supportive father and improve male parenting roles.

The curriculum follows CBHS+’ CARE group model and includes different layers of interventions: (1) two stand- alone educational sessions covering essential components of the antenatal period and the role of a father/partner at that point; (2) a 6 session “Hombre Presente” curriculum which covers topics related to manhood using a gender lens, e.g. the role of a father in raising a child and in the family system, what it means to be a father, etc.; and (3) PCI’s Life Skills Program (see Life Skills description below), based on the results of PCI’s 2013 survey, which assessed the primary concerns of fathers to be job preparedness, education and providing for their families.

All participants attending either the stand-alone antenatal sessions or involved in the six session “Hombre Presente” group are welcome to benefit from these sessions which include topics such as: Computer literacy 1 and 2, financial literacy, credit management, and continuing education.

Benchmarks / Performance Measures

Approach 3 – Strengthen Family Resilience

Implementation Frequency / Duration

Series of six 90 min. sessions with 6-10 participants each and two 90 min. stand alone sessions

Que Padre! Success Story

Carlos Ramirez

dad with baby

“I think the fathers could benefit to be better parents and husbands and learn from each other’s experiences since some of us are first time parents and others already have more experience in fatherhood.

I learned from the workshop that even though if your wife is a stay at home wife, it doesn’t mean that they don’t get tired and that we can help out at the house with some of the chores at the house.”

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