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Explore PCI’s video library and get inspired to support our efforts to enhance health, end hunger and overcome hardship on a global scale.

PCI: Reaching Across the Globe

PCI is empowering people to enhance health, end hunger and overcome hardship in communities around the globe.

PCI’s School Feeding Program in Tanzania: Violet’s Story

PCI’s USDA-funded school feeding programs are having a dramatic, lasting impact on children, their families and their communities. See the difference that one Food for Education program in Tanzania is having on the lives of a school girl and her family.

Walk for Water Testimonial

Clean water is a basic human right.

PCI & Women United for Change: Partnering to Empower Women Worldwide

PCI and Women United for Change have formed a partnership around PCI’s Women Empowered initiative that is changing the lives of women and girls globally.

Celebrating International Women’s Day: Lemmy’s Story

Meet Lemmy, a success story from PCI’s Women Empowered initiative. She overcame tremendous hardship to provide for her family, becoming a vocal leader in her community.

PCI Walk for Water 2017

Join us on April 23, 2017 at Mission Bay in San Diego for our annual Walk for Water event and experience the journey that millions of women and girls make every day.

PCI Donor Love 2017

PCI thanks you for all of your support and for giving these kids a reason to smile!

PCI’s School Feeding Programs Around the World

PCI is ensuring that children around the world stay in school and have healthy food to eat through USDA-funded Food For Education programs, which are making a life-changing difference not only for the students, but also for their families and their communities.

AfriScout: A Life-changing App for Pastorialists in Africa

PCI’s AfriScout app is helping pastoralists in Africa ensure that their livestock herds survive. By having access to maps through smartphones, pastoralists are able to find water and grazing lands for their herds, which in turn improves their livelihoods.

PCI’s POSsibilities Project in Nicaragua

By increasing capacity and leadership within civil society to address security issues and strengthening communities to reduce risk and increase economic opportunity, PCI’s POSsibilities program is attacking the root causes of violence and crime and deterioration of civil society in the region.

Prevention In Action: Reducing Gender Based Violence in South Africa

PCI’s Prevention In Action program in South Africa was instrumental in raising awareness about ways to prevent gender based violence in South Africa, which has high rates of HIV prevalence throughout the country.

PCI’s Anti-Trafficking Work: Virtual Reality Video

In San Diego, PCI’s Girls Only program is teaching girls about the dangers of human trafficking and ways they can avoid becoming victims.

PCI’s Youth Empowerment Program in Nicaragua

PCI is helping to empower youth to be leaders in one Nicaraguan community. Young people are learning how to overcome the dangers of drugs and violence while laying a foundation for the future.

Zambia Cervical Cancer Screenings

PCI’s work involving cervical cancer screenings in Zambia was recognized by the Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon Initiative at the US Africa Summit. The video, produced by the Bush Center, was featured during a discussion led by First Ladies Michelle Obama and Laura Bush.

Think Forward

Join Think Forward, PCI’s monthly recurring gift program. Your commitment will help PCI empower communities to build a brighter future.

PCI’s Introduction to WE

PCI looks back to the days of its founder, Dr. Jim Turpin, and also looks forward to the impact that its Women Empowered (WE) Initiative is having on women across the globe.

PCI’s WE (Women Empowered) Initiative

PCI is developing an innovative and cost effective economic empowerment model that helps very poor women to sustainably build their own social and economic capital through the formation of self-managed groups that save, lend and conduct business together.

PCI Voices from the Field

PCI is changing lives through programs in 16 countries that reach millions people a year.

PCI Voices from Volunteers

PCI’s volunteers from the past 50 years – young and old – tell how these experiences have changes their lives and the way they see the world. Participants include volunteers from PCI’s early programs in Mexico, Hong Kong and Vietnam as well as high school students who have traveled to PCI’s field programs.

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