Creating a Brighter Future for Youth with Vocational Training in India

“Earlier, my life was very difficult. … Now, I have a hope of becoming someone and doing something great for my daughter.”

– Sangeeta, VTC Graduate


There are over 50,000 street children in Delhi, India, who are out of school, making what little money they can sorting through garbage for items to sell or recycle. It’s a hard way to live; hours of searching and sifting can yield as little as $1 a day. Caught in a vicious cycle of poverty, many families in the vast slums of Delhi are forced to rely on even these small contributions from their youngest family members just to survive.

PCI’s vocational training program in India was created to empower these vulnerable young people to lead a life of dignity through employment and life skills development. Located in a slum in Delhi, PCI’s vocational training center (VTC) provides a safe place for street youth to learn marketable new skills like computing and sewing, and connects them with employment opportunities that offer a steady income.

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Vocational Training Programs in India Empower Girls to Build a Better Life

Through outreach activities at the VTC, PCI’s educators work to break down societal barriers that would otherwise prevent families from educating their daughters. Providing girls with an education helps end the cycle of poverty that can otherwise be a lifelong sentence. When girls are educated, they are less likely to marry early; more likely to delay having children and have healthier pregnancies when they do get pregnant; and more likely to send their own children to school.

Lasting change comes from creating sustainable, long-term solutions. An educated girl can change the world.

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Connecting Youth with Education and Employment      

Students at the VTC learn skills related to computer technology or dressmaking, but that’s only part of the solution. The program ensures that graduates possess the interpersonal skills, confidence, and critical thinking they need to earn a living and successfully manage their independence.

Educators teach young people how to communicate and negotiate, how to stay safe, the importance of education, prevention of gender-based violence, and how to be leaders in their communities. Additionally, PCI helps students secure interviews and apprenticeships and brings potential employers to speak to individuals and classes. This program has helped hundreds of participants secure apprenticeships and jobs.

These young people deserve a chance to create healthy and productive lives for themselves. PCI’s vocational training program helps vulnerable youth break out of their circumstances, surpass societal barriers, and set themselves on the path to a brighter future.

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