Photo: AFP News Agency/Noe Perez

The Volcan de Fuego disaster is the most violent volcanic eruption in Guatemala in over a century. When it erupted on June 3rd, it unleashed streams of red hot lava, thick smoke and deadly gasses, killing hundreds and forcing thousands to flee their homes.

PCI is working with key partners and mobilizing a team to help the Government of Guatemala map the impact of the disaster and identify areas that may be in danger as eruptions and mudslides continue to threaten already vulnerable communities. We are helping to support displaced families with emergency aid and housing solutions.

PCI is also working closely with the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance to respond to the immediate and longer-term needs of affected communities.

PCI has worked with the people of Guatemala since 1974, and we will remain in the area for the long term to help these devastated communities and ensure they become more resilient to future crises.

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