Giving Vulnerable Children a Chance to Thrive

From India to Botswana, Nicaragua to Guatemala, and even at home in San Diego, PCI engages young people around the world.


Engaging youth is central to PCI’s mission to empower families and communities to enhance health, end hunger, and overcome hardship. PCI’s youth programming provides greater education, access to healthcare, and entrepreneurial skills and development opportunities for millions of vulnerable children and young people around the world.

Protecting Vulnerable Children Through Vocational Training

There are over 50,000 street children in Delhi, India, and countless more that live in slums. These children are out of school and are forced to take on modest jobs such as trash-picking or vending on the street just to survive. Our vocational training center in New Seemapuri was opened in 2002 as part of PCI’s Orphans and Vulnerable Children program. This particular area is a vast slum of Delhi where many make what little money they can by sorting through garbage for items to sell or recycle. It’s a hard way to live; hours of searching and sifting can yield as little as $1 a day.

Our program’s career and vocational training courses in India equip young adults with the skills they need to pursue post-secondary education and secure apprenticeships and formal employment.


Empowering the Next Generation with Youth Leadership Programs

From India to Botswana, Nicaragua to Guatemala, and even at home in San Diego, PCI engages young people around the world to build their capacity to improve their communities and make an incredible impact on the lives of their families.


With support from the Barclays Bank of Botswana, PCI implemented the Tweende (Let’s Go!) ReadytoWork Project. ReadytoWork provides youth with intensive life skills and entrepreneurial skills development, as well as internship placements to prepare them for success.

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PCI developed a youth leadership course in Nicaragua to improve the knowledge, leadership, and advocacy skills of nearly 500 youth promoters, equipping them to mentor more than 2,000 of their peers in targeted communities through information sessions held in schools, churches, homes, and community meetings. The leadership course involved a series of workshops and encompassed youth leadership; human rights; self‐esteem and identity; violence; drug addiction and prevention; and communication through pop art/muralism.


PCI created a leadership and advocacy curriculum in Guatemala to contribute to sustainable youth development in our youth Women Empowerment (WE) groups. Through this curriculum, youth are mobilized to create community-related action plans that provoke positive social change. They have shown leadership through committing to take on challenges with enthusiasm and deploying social mobilization. To date, about 100 WE and Youth groups are participating in the curriculum.

San Diego

PCI’s Girls Only! program along the U.S.-Mexico border combats human trafficking of vulnerable children by empowering young girls with the tools they need to recognize and achieve their greatest potential.

Learn more here about our youth leadership programs.

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