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The 21st century is bringing in global changes that are requiring more attention, new practices, and organizational restructuring. For instance, organizations are facing a global demand for a 50% increase in food and water over the next 20 years, climate change that is depleting natural resources among the poorest populations, a continuation of gender-based violence, the spreading of  life threatening diseases, the lack of adequate education and political systems, and minimal reduction of poverty. With all of these global challenges there is a growing need for new methods to address the roots of these problems – there is a need for innovation.

Innovation is a topic that many organizations are addressing. Everyone wants to be innovative, but the question is how this can actually be achieved. As one of the first NGOs to embed innovation throughout its organization, PCI has become a true leader of innovation.

As part of PCI’s seven strategic directions, innovation is being continually engrained within the organizational culture. The creation of PCInnovAtion has promoted involvement and continual engagement by each employee. PCInnovAtion is providing support, resources, policies, and a tangible system for innovation, which has produced clear and defining results.

The first step in successful integration of innovation is the training on PCInnovAtion that each employee receives. The training addresses the definition, culture, and barriers of innovation, systematic calibrations, and practices for pushing innovation and tracking results. Furthermore, PCInnovAtion has created a tangible system for employees to enter innovations, where they then receive support, guidance, advice, recognition, and prototype funding.

Policies like the 15% Time Policy have been implemented to allow employees to use of to 15% of their time to innovate. An innovation lounge has even been created that allows employees to get together and collaborate on innovative practices and ideas. There are also innovation champions that encourage, promote, support, and advise employees on all aspects of PCInnovAtion.

As a visible leader of innovation, PCI provides guidance for each individual, organization, and company that is looking to embed innovation. PCInnovAtion’s approach has sought to continuously unleash the creativity of PCI’s employees and foster it towards concrete and remarkable outcomes for PCI’s beneficiaries, donors, and the world. With field and office innovations, PCInnovAtion has directly helped lead the way towards achieving PCI’s goal of transforming the lives of 10 million people.