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As a global non-profit organization, we have always relied on the participation, support, and donations of volunteers. In fact, last year our 63 active programs in 16 countries worked with over 7000 volunteers to serve those in need. These caring individuals did everything from educating mothers in India on the benefits of polio immunizations, to hosting events in their homes to share PCI’s good work with their friends. These efforts are powerful: we currently reach the largest number of people in our history, serving over 7 million people with our global programs. The infographic below shows the power of some recent volunteer actions for PCI, which will increase our footprint and audiences for years to come.

We not only need the participation of our volunteers, but their energy and passion keeps us motivated to do what we do. And that’s whe we’ve launched an online community called Who Cares, to celebrate those who are giving back to the greater good. Our website and Facebook page (www.facebook.com/pciwhocares) give people a chance to share their stories of volunteerism, sharing, and caring so we can inspire more people to get involved in making the world a better place, one small action at a time. Who Cares specifically targets youth and young adults, because we are particularly inspired by this generation’s contributions in mobilizing their peers to benefit those in need.

The website has valuable educational tools for people to learn about global poverty issues, share with others, and take action. The site also allows users to upload their own videos and stories of giving back, with ongoing contests for the most inspiring stories.

So “Like” us on Facebook today–tell us your story, and start challenging others to get in the game, and make their time count. Who Cares? You do.

Every individual can have an impact. Support PCI's life-changning work today.