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This holiday season, give hope and opportunity to families around the world battling hunger, disease and hardship.

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The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Changed Everything.

This year has threatened livelihoods and shaken our stability, and for those already struggling to put food on the table or escape violence in the home, it has been devastating. And yet we have seen the impact of wishes granted for families in need every single day.

Here’s how PCI is making real, sustainable transformation possible in communities around the world.

PCI’s USDA-supported McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition program has provided more than 35,000 primary-age students in 273 communities with take-home rations in place of school meals. The program is also helping to promote reading at home through Bloom Reader, a free phone application that contains stories in Spanish and Mayan languages. PCI staff teach parents how to install the app on their phones and use it with their children, 93% of whom are using Bloom Reader during school closures.

Contact tracing in San Diego

PCI recently joined forces with the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 through contact tracing. COVID-19 remains a threat to the health of San Diegans as the County reports an increasing number of new cases each day, the majority of which are disproportionately among Hispanic or Latino residents. PCI’s core team of contact tracers are bilingual in English as well as one or more of the priority languages for San Diego County.


Communities in Malawi have gained access to clean, safe water, making it possible for families to protect themselves against COVID-19 through handwashing and good hygiene. A total of 70 water points have also been rehabilitated to provide continued access to water for domestic use, including handwashing. Initial findings show the demand for water has increased by 30 percent in these areas.

Help Us Grant Their Wishes Of Hope

We have witnessed what happens when people are empowered with the tools and resources they need to reach their full potential. Our wish for the world is that we continue to uplift and support each other through every challenge, and there is no better time for that wish to come true than during the holidays.

We asked some of our friends around the globe and here are some of their hopes for the future:

“I wish for a world to see a generation free from HIV.”

– Opelo (Botswana)


“I wish for a world where every girl can unite to raise their voices against child marriage.”

– Odisha (India)

wishgivers-grid-03 copy

“I wish for a world where people no longer suffer from hunger.”

– Rolando (Guatemala)


“I wish for a world that is free from pollution.”

– Fredy (Guatemala)


“I wish for a world where violence against women is no longer.”
– (Tanzania)


“I wish for a world where no child is denied the right to an education.”
– Vailet + Nyambusi (Tanzania)

You Can Help Make Their Dreams Come True This Holiday Season.

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We believe that every family deserves an opportunity to build a brighter, healthier world for themselves and their communities. Will you give a gift that creates a ripple effect around the world and grants heartfelt wishes for families who need you?


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